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Lane hardware devices

Vehicle entry and exit detector
This device is used to detect the entry and exit of the vehicle. Loop has an interlock features so that device is active only when vehicle is in proximity.

Boom barrier
Barrier is a heavy-duty metallic arm connected with lane controller. It is used to restrict the vehicle access. It works in synchronization with the lane controller.

RFID reader
This is used by the user who has owned a pass. Tag is read automatically by it when vehicle is in proximity.

Camera takes a photograph of the vehicle which is used for cross checking.

Smart card reader/writer
Reader is used to take information from pre-paid smart card. Smart card can be recharged.

Lane controller
Lane controller is the intermediary between software and lane hardware. It converts software command into corresponding hardware action.

Traffic light signal
This is a LED based light signal to guide the user whether he should go or stop.

This is a LED based light signal positioned on the top of the lane. It shows that whether lane is closed or open.

This is an alpha numeric LED based display which can be seen by a user up to a 100 feet distance.